Corporate Photography


While principally a Travel and Tourism photographer, David accepts commissions from corporations that recognise the advantage of  using his friendly, colourful style of photography in their marketing campaigns. His latest commissions have been by Westpac Bank and the global telecommunications company, Digicel, during which he was engaged to travel the Asia Pacific region widely to capture a range of largely outdoor images that were distinctive to each country.

Recognising the importance of appealing to the many unique cultures of the region, both corporations commissioned David to capture photographs that promoted their products to the individual markets they were looking to attract. In Westpac's case, the commission involved shooting to a specific brief and traveling to the 11 South Pacific countries in which it has banks to photograph its outlets and their staff engaging with its local customers. For Digicel - again as part of a regional initiative involving several countries - the commission was more general and saw David photographing a young, emerging market of phone and internet product users, set against backdrops that were distinctive to each country. Both commissions have seen David's photographs used in wide-spread billboard and advertising campaigns in the countries in which they were shot.

David's familiarity with the region and its unique shooting conditions, as well as his knowledge the people and culture of the South Pacific and South-east Asia, make him uniquely suited to producing personable, eye-catching photographs that convey a distinct corporate message. 

Following is a sample of how some of David's images have been used by Westpac Bank:







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