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The photographs you won’t see!

…and to all you who have complained about what a hard life I lead based on the pictures I just returned with from the Cook Islands, I can assure you, the weather is not always that kind. This (below) from an earlier shoot somewhere in the South Pacific (It lasted the entire week).    

Colourful exit to the Cook Islands

    I’m always on the lookout for colors and combinations of colors to use as a background for the subjects I photograph. Bright, happy colors work particularly well in tourism. These young girls (above) were dancing when I first saw them on a stage at the Saturday markets in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands....

I don’t do babies…….but

This is five month old , SilaMoana, the daughter of Eileen and Rob who featured in the Cook Islands shoot (Grandma accompanied us and looked after her while we cooked in the sun).  I could never be a wedding or a baby photographer but, if I was, I’m sure I’d want every child to look...

David Bailey on photography

David Bailey (74) is a much celebrated (read cantankerous but talented) British photographer who has shot the stars (Jagger, Caine etc ). He appears to have arrived at that enviable place where he can choose what he shoots and where he goes to do it. He did an interview in the Telegraph Newspaper this month...

Something fishy

I’m just back to Rarotonga from Aitutaki where we had great weather for four straight days. For a photographer, conditions were ideal – the weather, the talent, the props and all the logistics just fell into place (the only shortfall was that I couldn’t receive or send e-mails so I’m in trouble with my girlfriend...

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