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If there was an award for the best hammock in the South Pacific, this would have to be the winner  (I’m laying in it as I write this blog). We shot around the lagoon this morning and returned with some lovely images which I’ll post later but I couldn’t help getting this one up as...

Great day on assignment

The Gods were smiling and the weather held out for the second day of our assignment at Aitutaki in the Cook Islands. It wasn’t until about 10am that the water “lit up” and by midday the light was too extreme and the wind had blown everything out  but, in between, it was as good as...

Aitutaki Lagoon- Room with a view…stunning view

Voted one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons, Aitutaki is simply stunning. The whitest sand and the most iridescent blue water you can imagine. We flew in today to start a three day shoot, with the weather perfect. Tomorrow we begin in ernest. Boats all ready, talent ‘s lined up, packed lunches organised and I...

Lagoon Shoot in the Cook Islands

….still in the Cook Islands and heading for the outer island of Aitutaki tomorrow. I’m finding Rarontonga quite charming – laid back, friendly and, in fine weather, not a bad place to have a camera methinks. Its all about the people you meet. Here’s a few shots we captured on the lagoon today (follows). Gotta...

Top Travel Tip for the Cook Islands

I’m staying at Little Polynesian, a boutique resort on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. Its a 10 day shoot for the Cook Islands tourism authority. I’m on the main island for half the shoot then I’m off to Aitutaki ( and, hopefully, some ariels). Its an hour after sunset as I type, surf’s gently breaking...

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