Monthly Archives: October 2011

Paddling hard in the Cooks

Have just spent the afternoon on board the support boat for an outrigger canoe race around Rarotonga. Six guys paddling a massive canoe around the island switching – three at a time – when a few of the paddlers get exhausted. Again, normally, I’d follow the boat out and return after capturing a few snaps...

Making time for incidental images in the Cooks

I’ve just returned from five days in Mangaia – a small island in the Cooks. Normally, a small island like this wouldn’t warrant more than a two day stopover, grab-what-pictures-you can, and head back to the main drawcards of Raratonga and Aitutaki but I’ve had the luxury of a few extra days to capture some...

Excited about Sacred Site Shoot

I’m excited about one pic we’re planning for in Aitutaki when we return in three weeks. Its hard to look past the spectacular lagoon but the island also has a fascinating cultural history which anthropologists have been unearthing around an ancient sacred site, Te Poaki O Rae. We did a few preliminary shots while I...

Bone Fishing in the Cook Islands

I’m back at the Cook islands on a one month residential shoot and, well, I’m luvin it. When I’m not off to the islands, I have a house and a car here in Rarotonga and with it, the opportunity to capture the destination more intimately. I’m just back from Aitutaki and its lagoon, voted (understandably...

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