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Something about Black and White

I’m always drawn to strong black and white pictures. Here, Peroni (apparently only his mother and I call him by that name) and Harry – both seasoned Vaka voyagers – helped me out with a photograph that works for me better in monotones than it does in colour.

Preview of the Cook Islands assignment

Hundreds of images of the Cook Islands to process now I’m back but here’s a sample of some of the pictures from the shoot which the tourism authority will be using to promote the destination abroad (click on the e-card below).

Winding up in the Cooks

I’m just winding up a 30 day shoot of the Cook Islands. Overall, its been very productive – probably the strongest shoot of any destination I’ve photographed. The length of the assignment was undoubtedly the largest contributing factor to its success, providing for a bigger quantity of images (150 top images not the standard 30),...

Nice to have talent to work with…even briefly

Still in the Cooks but the talent has turned up for the next three days so the shoot moves from landscapes and tourist attractions to tourists enjoying the destination and engaging with the locals. Here’s one just in that I quite like:

Some travel tips for the Cook Islands

In the evening hours of my assignment here in the Cooks, the gift book I’m planning on the destination is taking shape (a compilation of the best of the images captured). I have weighed up doing a Pocket Guide (40 short stories, illustrations and 100 photographs) rather than a gift book but it appears the...

Sunday Saunter in the Cooks

I’m having a day off from shooting the Cook Islands. Its been a long few weeks but we have some nice images “in the can” and we’ll be shooting talent next week so I’m taking a break. The Cook Islands is my sort of relaxing, South Pacific holiday. This morning, I got up around seven...

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