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Playing with light (beams)

My burst of enthusiasm to improve my post-production skills continues, with time spent today learning how to apply beams of light to add drama to my images, particularly in low-light conditions.

Master post-production ….or perish

You can’t expect to be competitive as a professional travel photographer unless you’re drawing from a broad repertoire of advanced post-production techniques (ie pre-sets, dodging and burning, masking and coloring etc). Such is the curse of modern photography that you not only have to master what you shoot, and how you shoot it, but you also need to know what to do to enhance your photo once it’s captured.

The big picture. What good is Stoic philosophy to a travel photographer?

Now, I know Stoic philosophy doesn’t appear to have a lot to do with travel photography, but I wanted to share with other photographers what a hugely valuable resource it has become to me in terms of the challenges I know we all face in this profession – the uncertainty of income, the changes in expectations, the pressure of delivering quality to shortened deadlines, and some of the people we have to put up with to earn a living …

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