I’m off to shoot 20 of Queensland’s most photogenic locations.

My world has shrunk somewhat with this wretched virus about so I’ve decided to head off on a road trip with camera gear in hand to explore Queensland.

Keen not to wander aimlessly, I’ve studied the state’s tourist attractions and the promotional photo libraries of various tourism bodies to come up with a Shot List of what I consider to be 20 of Queensland’s most photogenic locations, along with several uniquely Queensland experiences, and resorts I’ll also look to photograph during the journey.

The intention is to take my time and plan for optimal conditions to ensure I return with a particularly high standard of photography. Big scenery shots with the medium format camera, moody ariels with the drone, some underwater stuff (if I can summon the courage to brave the winter water), and a few personality pics (less so than usual though as I won’t be travelling with talent).

Come year’s end, I expect to have accumulated some pretty appealing photographs of the State.

So I don’t have to sell the house before I head off, I’ll upload the best of the pics to the Queensland Gallery of my commercial photo library and write for a couple of travel magazines as I go.

For your interest, here’s 15 of the 20 “big picture” locations I’m looking at including to the itinerary so far: The Whitsundays (particularly that amazing Hill inlet), Heron Island, Fraser Island, Lady Musgrave Island, The Gold Coast, Noosa (above, which I’m now looking to improve on), Brisbane, Cape Hillsborough, Carnarvon Gorge, Lady Elliot Island, Vlasoff Cay, Longreach, Lizard Island, Hayman Island, and Cape Tribulation.

I’m still deciding on the resorts I’ll photograph, and the exceptional Queensland experiences I’m looking to capture during the journey (though going to all of these places should rank as at least one of them right?).

I’ll post a list of them before I head off, and add to my Instagram feed as I go.

Postscript: It’s a week after I posted this and I’ve had so much interest from tourism authorities and private operators to become involved in the project, I’ve decided to do two major road trips – one up the coast, another inland – and several short trips dedicated to individual islands. I should be done by – at this rate – probably Christmas…….2021.

Noosa Heads a few weeks back. The clear skies at this time of year are perfect for the drone.

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