The Gold Coast and Hinterland

My Queensland road trip has started, with me heading south to do a recce (and some preliminary pics) for the first location on my list – the Gold Coast and its Hinterland.

With each of the locations I’ve identified, the plan is to spend a day doing the recce and some initial shooting to work out the best angle and lighting etc, another day to shoot in earnest, and maybe a third day to return to the scene to capture it in optimal conditions. I’ll do a couple of short trips around Brisbane to warm up, before jumping in a camper van for the big migration north.

The Gold Coast

6am saw me standing on the beach at Surfers Paradise – at first with the drone, then with the 35mm and finally with the medium format camera.

mateship on the beach

a wonder through the pandanus lined walkway of Burleigh Heads National Park


As it was overcast on day two, I headed into the hinterland and checked out a couple of waterfalls – the Natural Arch (or bridge, I think its called) and Purling Brooke Falls, both of which I might return to when there’s more water about (there’s actually another waterfall I think is the most photogenic (Elabana Falls) but it’s a seven kilometre hike and I’m not planning to go in unless the conditions are ideal and, ideally, I have talent.

Natural Bridge
Purling Brooke Falls

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