Holiday Inn, Vanuatu – my last resort shoot for 2022

It’s always a pleasure to work with a client who’s studied your strengths as a photographer and gives you license to shoot what you do well.

There were room shots that needed to be done but the General Manager of the property and the company’s Marketing Director for the South Pacific agreed that – as I was only shooting for three days – my energies would be best spent elsewhere. “Let’s focus on getting some appealing shots of the property, a few friendly staff pics, and some cultural shots of the Holiday Inn that shows it’s in Vanuatu,” was the consensus.

And here’s some of the pics we ended up with:

Happily, some of these photos will feature in my new coffee table souvenir book on Vanuatu, due out in May, 2023.

 Click on the following link to have a wander through my resort portfolio.

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