The big picture. What good is Stoic philosophy to a travel photographer?

Now, I know Stoic philosophy doesn’t appear to have a lot to do with travel photography, but I wanted to share with other photographers what a hugely valuable resource it has become to me in terms of the challenges I know we all face in this profession – the uncertainty of income, the changes in expectations, the pressure of delivering quality to shortened deadlines, and some of the people we have to put up with to earn a living …

Time to brush-up on my video skills

Video production – It’s the sixth of “the great upheavals” travel photographers have had to adapt to in the past two decades following the move from analogue to digital cameras, the globalisation of the internet, the proliferation of social media, the diminishing revenue from stock libraries, and drone technology…


The end of January will see the launch of a curated collection of my Decor and Limited Edition Prints which can be ordered on-line

New Series of travel books in the making

With 80% of my business usually generated overseas, this virus sees me looking into my own backyard to keep busy. So, after a quick spin around Queensland, I’ve decided to head to Central Australia and work on a new series of up-market travel books. 100 photos. 40 short stories, and a stylish design with all the “bells and whistles.”
Have a look at how its shaping up….

Queensland Road Trip (for photographers)

I’ve just travelled five thousand kilometres – from Brisbane to Cairns and back over 21 days – and I’m thinking I’ve only just scratched the surface of what there is to photograph in Queensland. Ribbons of white beaches, pristine barrier reef islands, towering rainforests with fan-leaf canopies, some pretty special waterfalls, and more than a...

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