Cruise Photography

world-class destination and resort photography, taken onto the high seas.

David's extensive experience as a destination and resort photographer has been applied to ocean cruising in recent years, enabling him to deliver a broad range of high-quality promotional images to showcase the features of a ship and the experience the cruise offers its guest.

David photographs all aspects of a cruise - drone and underwater photography included - to international standards.

While his style can vary to suit the market, David’s particular strength as a cruise photographer lies is his ability to capture uplifting images of people enjoying themselves, often set against the backdrop of the ship or the locations it visits.

Who he’s worked with

cruise clients

David’s entry into cruise photography has seen him working with several cruise operators including:

True North

Coral Expeditions

Princess Cruises

Blue Lagoon Cruises

Captain Cook Cruises

South Sea Cruises


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Additional benefits

Photos, books and free publicity

Commercial Library Access: Cruise companies are often in need of high-quality promotional photographs of the destinations they visit. Having commissioned an assignment, David’s cruise clients are provided privileged access to his commercial photo library where thousands of photographs can be used in promotional collateral.


Souvenir Books: Depending on the association, David may also look towards working in partnership to publish a souvenir book of the cruise, or several cruises, managed by the operator. To date, 17 books have been published of David’s photographs


Publicity: David will look to generate publicity for the cruise by posting on social media to a growing following of editors, travel writers, travel agents, influencers and photographers. This can be coordinated with your marketing department to maximise opportunities during the assignment. David is also likely to feature your cruise in his blog - A Road Less Travelled - at the end of the assignment.


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How it all works

adding “a bit of personality” to your cruise

David’s assignments are tailored to the length of the cruise, and to deliver the best photographs possible.

Generally, he shoots to your brief and a pre-conceived Shot List that identifies the key messages you want to convey, the subjects you want shot, how the photographs will be used, and their priority.

While largely left to his own devices to deliver to the brief, David will look to liaise with the captain of the vessel and a designated crew member to ensure photo opportunities are not missed in terms of the places the vessel visits and the experience guests have on board the ship. Importantly, he will look to photograph the cruise without interfering with the guest experience or the crew.

At the completion of the assignment, the best of the photographs will be matched to the Shot List and supplied, along with a License Agreement releasing the images to your company for all promotional purposes.

Having commissioned one cruise shoot, operators can book additional assignments for their other cruises at the reduced rate, provided the booking is made well in advance.


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Drone Photography

Crew Hospitality

Guest Experience

Facilities and Food

Underwater Photography


A successful promotional photograph starts with knowing what you want it to say and who you want it to appeal to - before you even bring the camera to your eye.




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