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“Recent advances in digital photography and the internet have created a tremendous opportunity for tourism authorities to promote their destinations and generate thousands of dollars worth of free publicity by doing little more than making high quality images of their destination readily available to the media and travel agents.”

– David Kirkland 

 Travel Magazine Editor: “We have a full page on page three to fill. Does anyone know where we can get a high quality photograph quickly?”  

Travel Wholesaler: “We need a great cover pic for our annual brochure on the South Pacific.”  

Travel Writer: “I’ve written a good story. Where can I get my hands on some good photographs to go with it?”  

Tour Operator: “I wish I had some generic photographs of the destination to promote my business on the new web site.”

Local/State/National Tourism Authority: “We have a billboard campaign coming up and we need some regional photographs.” 

We build On-Line Photo Libraries for local, regional, state and national tourism authorities as an extension of their web sites, which allows them to instantly distribute high-resolution photographs worldwide to promote their destinations. The self-managed libraries are regularly accessed by media, travel agents, tourism operators and other tourism authority partners, generating thousands of dollars of free publicity for the destinations they promote.
While we started building On-Line Photo Libraries 10 years ago as an extension of the service David offered tourism authorities as a photographer, only recently has the technology become suitable, affordable and user-friendly enough for us to confidently offer the service more widely to tourism authorities at an affordable price. Once, smaller tourism authorities were obliged to promote their destinations only through the libraries of larger state or national entitles. Now they can manage their own professional Photo Libraries with ease and deal directly with the individuals and organisations keen to work with them to promote their destinations.  
The Photo libraries we build draw from the most advanced software available, combining the expertise of a team of professional photographers with the experience David has accumulated working with tourism authorities over more than two decades to produce what we believe are the most well-suited and cost-effective, On-Line Photo Libraries available to tourism authorities today.

Features of our libraries include:

– Password Protected customer access.
– Responsive screen technology (able to be viewed on computers, smart-phones and pads).
– The ability to monitor image downloads (providing market intelligence of the most popular images used).
– Restricted usage of images (the ability to limit downloads or close user access to prevent excessive use and abuse).
– Contemporary, clean entrance page design and images selection display with easy, user-friendly client interface.
– The ability to quickly add or delete library images yourself. 
– A drag-and-drop facility to simply rank the presentation of your images in your library. 
– Seamless transition from your web site to a branded entrance page of your library.
– Two step, verified customer access to the library.
– Easy management interface (training can be done remotely in half an hour).
– Complete independence (once it’s built, we only host the site, providing support and technical support if required).
– The ability to upload new images to the library directly.
– Automatic upgrade to the latest security software.
– Full library back-up (with all images copied to an external hard drive for added security).
– Complete ownership (we register the domain name on your behalf and will transfer it, and your photographs, to you should you wish to take your library elsewhere). 
– Tiered access levels (providing restricted access to, for example, branding images to be used by your key stakeholders).
– A once-only fee to build the library, with the option for us to host it on our high speed server on an on-going basis (alternatively, after the first year, you can host it yourself).
– Priority technical support services (Optional). 

All of our libraries are built following an evaluation of your organisation’s existing Photo library and a recommendation on how to proceed to this new platform, with advice given on protocols and processes needed to ensure the quality of the images and the integrity of the library. Technical advice about your photography is also provided by a professional photographer.

Pricing varies depending of the number of images you want made available and the sophistication of the library, however, the libraries have been built to be affordable to the average regional tourism authority. The entire process can be undertaken remotely, allowing us to build On-Line Photo Libraries for tourism authorities anywhere in the world.  

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