The end of January sees the launch of a curated collection of my photographs sold as Decor and Limited Edition wall prints.

While things appear to be tough for the economy, on-line sales of all things domestic – particularly home decorating items – have gone through the roof during the virus so I’m looking to build new partnerships to add value to my work.

My most recent association is with a company called Art Lovers Australia which curates and sells fine art (including photography) through its on-line platform.

Like many photographers who aren’t yet selling prints of their photographs on- line, I’ve wandered if there is a new market of buyers who could add value to my work. Personally, I’d be unlikely to buy a photograph unless I’d physically seen it but it’s been suggested there’s a market – particularly of younger generation happy to order just about everything on-line , so I’m on Art Lovers – and soon Bluethumb – looking to test the theory.

Six months from now I expect to know whether the venture has potential.

Having captured and supplied the photographs for printing, my involvement is minimal. The company has chosen the images from my library according to where it thinks the market is and where it might be going. Additionally, I’ve entered into a management agreement (well done Virginia) to handle all the processing, the marketing, orders and delivery.

Prices start at AUD$330 for a 30cm X 50cm Decor Print, while my Limited Edition Prints – of which only 25 prints of each photo will ever be sold – start at AUD$550 a print and rise to AUD$5,500 for each of the last five prints in the series.

As you can see from the gallery (click on the screen-grab below), it’s all quite straight-forward for the buyer. See something you like, choose the size, decide if you want it framed or unframed, order, pay the loot, and it’s on the way.

Viola. Instant, individual decor (with money-back guarantee if you’re not happy).

We’ve started with a gallery of about 50 photographs. Obviously, some of the most appealing photographs I’ve captured of the South Pacific feature in the range, making at least the subject of my images different to others on the site.

Following are a few samples of the prints and how they might look in different environments. We launch the gallery early February with an incentive offer for the first week.

I’ll let you know how it all goes.

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