New PNG and Vanuatu wall calendars in the pipeline.

With the South Pacific finally re-opening, its time to revive the production of our souvenir publications on the region.

First cab off the rank is a wall calendar of Papua New Guinea, followed by a wall calendar and coffee table book on Vanuatu and Samoa.

Because wall calendars are a peculiar beast and date quickly, we need to take an early run-up to ensure they’re in retail outlets by September.

As you can see below, the PNG Calendar highlights the country’s vibrant culture which is its big drawcard, so we’ve designed it as a series of single A3 pages to hang in the house or office as a decoration.

And we’ve designed it in two formats. The A3 size is more “arty” – big bold pics and treated photos which I love but fear there may not be enough people who share my passion. And then there’s the more convenient to carry, A4 folded, run-of-the-mill commercial product. Though I definitely prefer the former, I suspect the A4 is the most commercially viable. I’ll have to decide shortly.

The folded A4 Vanuatu Calendar features 24 photographs on the country’s main tourist locations. It’s a relatively standard commercial design, produced to fit into carry-on luggage and higher volume sales, with ample space inside to write on the dates.

This year we’ll be printing the publications in a short run as we figure it makes more sense to run out and generate interest for the following year than to be left carrying stock.

While the publications will sell in-country, we also plan to sell them domestically (as in here in Australia) by mail order so, if you’re interested, drop me an e-mail and I’ll let you know when the publications are available.

So, Here’s Papua New Guinea’s A3.

And here’s PNG’s A4 Folded with cover, pages and back page.

And here’s Vanuatu’s commercial A4 calendar:

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