Lest We Forget – an Anzac Day essay

I’ve just spent a couple of hours photographing the Anzac parade in Brisbane.

Apart from wanting to show my gratitude to those who have fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy, I thought I’d take the opportunity to play with Nikon’s new 200mm zoom lens.

It’s been a bit of a long morning though. I set off in my car at sparrows for the dawn service and drove around the city for more than half an hour looking for a park. Nothing. In desperation, I sped home, jumped on my pushbike and rocketed back as fast as my chicken legs would take me to arrive just in time to find the Eternal Flame flickering without an audience, and the TV crews packing their gear. Argghhhhh.

Still, there was comfort to be found sitting in the sunshine on a clear, crisp day at Southbank where I quaffed a coffee n croissant, and waited for the crowd to start building for the 10 O’clock parade.

Here’s a handful of photographs I captured this morning using only the 200mm lens (before my battery ran out, he confesses):

Celebrating the Anzac spirit – the ladies of the Redland Drum Corp
an admiring onlooker
A quiet moment of reflection

And a quick warning to owners of the Z7 using the 200mm lens. Make sure you bring extra batteries (fully charged would be handy, he says, given his weren’t 😱) because the combination will drain your batteries pretty quickly.

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