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Playing with light (beams)

My burst of enthusiasm to improve my post-production skills continues, with time spent today learning how to apply beams of light to add drama to my images, particularly in low-light conditions.

A site for sore eyes

The fact I had four web sites spread across three different host providers, with domain names and passwords scattered to the wind, pretty-well guaranteed building my new web site was never going to be a walk in the park.
It turns out I would have been more comfortable spending two months in a dentist‘s chair.

Destination Preview

The following portfolio displays the quality and range of promotional images David has captured as a dedicated tourism photographer who specialises in destination photography worldwide. His services are outlined in the Tourism Authority Section of his web site.  Sample galleries have been created from the countries he has photographed, their culture and hospitality, his drone and underwater...

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A successful promotional photograph starts with knowing what you want it to say and who you want it to appeal to - before you even bring the camera to your eye.



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