CORPORATE SHOOT….with a bit of personality

I like this photograph (Below). It may be a long way from what my client has used in the past but it brings a smile to my face just looking at it and – in a world crammed with images competing for attention – that’s valuable. Of course I shot a lot of stock images throughout the assignment but, from a marketing perspective, I think this picture stands out. It both defines and differentiates the location it was shot in (Samoa), it appeals to the market my client is looking to reach and (when combined with the appropriate artwork and a clever line) it will reach out and successfully promote the telecommunications company and its products. I shoot for Digicel throughout the South Pacific where my experience as a travel photographer appears to be finding a new niche in the corporate world. Westpac Bank is the latest institution looking to add some personality to its product. It has just commissioned me to shoot for all of its South Pacific branches. The corporate world of  telecommunications and finance may be a long way from travel and tourism but they all have one thing in common – people (or in this case, people having a good time).

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A successful promotional photograph starts with knowing what you want it to say and who you want it to appeal to - before you even bring the camera to your eye.




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