Aitutaki Lagoon- Room with a view…stunning view

Voted one of the world’s most beautiful lagoons, Aitutaki is simply stunning. The whitest sand and the most iridescent blue water you can imagine. We flew in today to start a three day shoot, with the weather perfect. Tomorrow we begin in ernest. Boats all ready, talent ‘s lined up, packed lunches organised and I couldn’t be more excited about the prospects. We raced around the lagoon in the afternoon on a “reccie”, visiting One Foot Island and Honeymoon Island (the two big drawcards) –  and we managed to get a few preliminary pics in at the same time (below). Our lodgings, The Aitutaki Lagoon Resort and Spa is ideally suited to take advantage of the lagoon and my room – literally just windows from left to right – faces squarely onto possibly its best vantage (I’m told the european sun bakers are up at first light to stake their claim for best hammock position). I’ll photograph the setting tomorrow and have a play in High Definition to show my room’s vicinity to the beach. It may not be the AUD$1300 a night overwater bungalows just up to my left, but I’d have to say – for a photographer – this room (Number 19 for those likely to come here) is incredible (…now if the weather will just hold out…please God, I’m begging you, just two more days).




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