Sunday Saunter in the Cooks

I’m having a day off from shooting the Cook Islands. Its been a long few weeks but we have some nice images “in the can” and we’ll be shooting talent next week so I’m taking a break.

The Cook Islands is my sort of relaxing, South Pacific holiday. This morning, I got up around seven and sauntered around the island (below) in my hire car, exploring it for interesting nooks and crannies. I took a local’s recommendation and pulled in at the Tamarind Restaurant overlooking the reef where I had a superb eggs benny with bacon, pawpaw and corn fritters (sorry Hon). Open verandah, swaying palm trees framing the view, light breeze, piano music in the background, excellent service and a Latte to finish. Perfect.
I’ve since drifted back to a house I’ve rented and, when I’m finished adding this entry, I’ll don togs, wander out onto the reef and probably come back for a siesta before heading off to visit a few art galleries this afternoon.To finish the day, I’ll be catching up with a few friends I’ve made since I’ve been here (though given there’ll be ukuleles playing and I’ll be singing, the friendships may well be short lived, he adds).
……..of course, stage two of my Sunday saunter, assumes I’m able to resist the call of my cameras which, remarkably, managed to find their way to the back seat of my car as I left this morning.
Nice place. Highly recommended.

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