Winding up in the Cooks

I’m just winding up a 30 day shoot of the Cook Islands.

Overall, its been very productive – probably the strongest shoot of any destination I’ve photographed. The length of the assignment was undoubtedly the largest contributing factor to its success, providing for a bigger quantity of images (150 top images not the standard 30), better quality ( I was able to survey the locations and plan for the shots in optimum conditions) and greater depth (as in I wasn’t just looking to shoot the “big pictures” every time and I was mindful of laying a solid foundation for a library that met the tourism authority’s on-going marketing needs).
And, overall, I think it represented better value for money for the tourism authority as I reduced my rate to ensure a better outcome and there’s likely to be a stable of spin-off souvenir publications I’ll publish to promote the destination after the dust settles. I even got to shoot some personal work (follows). 
I’ve enjoyed the Cooks but I’ve been shooting for 30 days straight and I’ll be happy to get home and put the cameras down (albeit briefly as my manager tells me I’m booked for Tonga and Vanuatu shortly after I get back).

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