Every photographer aspires to capturing that one, timeless image that will define them

As photographers, we’re all looking for that singular photograph that will define us. A timeless image that will stand the test of time.

Steve McCurry’s “Afghan girl” is a most obvious example.

In the current Capture Magazine, Steve calls the photo “A gift.” And I can understand why. It is a lovely portrait but it was “given to him”. He didn’t preconceive it, he didn’t  go out there specifically to get it and, while he had the presence of mind to capture it, it was shot as he’d done it many times before; He couldn’t possibly have realised (in fact, he claims he didn’t realise) that it would win him the accolades it has today.

Still, it has, and – credit to him – his status as a photographer who has risen to the top of his game is what I aspire to.


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