All done. The deadline for my Pre-March Special offer closed yesterday and I have a range of assignments to schedule – from Timor Leste to the Marshall islands and Kiribati, over to Saudi Arabia again, probably late in the year, and the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia. And I have a couple of exciting projects in Chile and India still being considered (its not as if I really expected everyone to come in before the March 1 deadline, he says) so its shaping up to be a busy year. The Pre-March promotion works well for everyone. It gives my clients the chance to book my best rate early in the year to secure my services at a time that is likely to suit them in terms of their budgets and the weather. And its helpful to me so I can at least map out the year ahead and fill in the gaps where there are any. In between, I have a few publishing ventures coming  to fruition and a plan to photograph lifesavers like they’ve never been captured before. Right now though, my priority is the remaining nine countries I have been commissioned to photograph for the South Pacific Tourism Organisation before July. Hopefully, we’ll see some appealing new images on this Blog shortly.

One of the e-cards I send out to promote my Pre-March Booking Package

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