Apple I-Book Update – the Fat Lady hasn’t sung yet.

Back in August, I wrote that it wasn’t proving worth my while to invest further energy in producing Apple I-books, and I sought to warn other would-be digital publishers and photographers of the same. I converted two books from my existing library of publications and sat back expecting the cash to roll in but (not so remarkably you might suggest), I’m still doing my own ironing.

Well, there has been a slight change in my position. According to the latest tally,  I actually sold 318 digital copies of Impressions of Papua New Guinea last year (I was looking at the wrong data sheet). While this figure is hardly likely to see me buying a Ferrari any time soon, it did occur with absolutely no attention on my part and it does represent at least a glimmer of hope for when the time eventually comes – and I’m certain it will – that digital books are produced and read in cross media platforms and on any device.

In the meantime, here’s a breakdown in sales of the book through the i-book store. Its interesting to see where the buyers have come from….Poland? Who would have thought.



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