This photograph (below) is the first of hundreds of images I am yet to process from today’s shoot at Shamwari private game park in South Africa. The day now ranks as one of the top four most enjoyable days of photography I have had in my entire career (shooting the Land diving in Vanuatu, capturing my Samoan girlfriend receiving her Malu and photographing crocodile clansmen in Papua New Guinea are the other three).
What an amazing experience. From our 5.30 start, we just seem to go from one exceptional opportunity to the next. We started with these giraffes in the mist, then it was on to an elephant herd, the rhinos, the zebras, a leopard, a pride of lions and, finally, the cheetahs – all in great light – before again returning to the lodge absolutely spent but thoroughly elated with the day.
As I promised yesterday, I’ll post some more images as soon as I draw breath ….(or when I can finally decide on which ones to cull).

Giraffes in the mist at Shamwari Lodge

Giraffes in the mist at Shamwari Lodge

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