What is it about working with Victoria’s regional tourism authorities that ages me so rapidly, you may well ask.

The last assignment I did in Victoria was around Daylesford where the tourism authority began the assignment by giving me the travel section of Vogue Magazine and telling me that was the calibre of photography they expected me to match – even though we didn’t have a stylist, talent, the props or a wardrobe to play with.

Having barely recovered from the stress of looking to reach such lofty heights (and that assignment was more than six months ago I might add), I returned to rural Victoria last week on a separate commission to be handed a copy of Country Style Magazine (think a country version of Gourmet Traveller, Belle and Vogue Magazine combined), along with a Pinterest selection of some of the best imagery in the world. “Yes, David” they said. ‘This is the style of photography we want you to replicate over the next five days.”

I could feel the years drain from my body before they’d even finished the sentence.

To add to my escalating angst, the weather bureau had forecast near-perfect autumn conditions with clear, sunny skies ahead which, I’d have to say dear reader, may well be perfect for a holiday but it’s the kiss of death for any photographer looking for the soft, even light that was clearly evident in every one of the ##@$%!! photographs they showed me.

Suffice to say, a long night was spent staring at the ceiling on my arrival (and the fact it was done within the four walls of the lunatic asylum in Beechworth  – renovated or not – did not go unnoticed).

Still, as you can see from the preview (below) it was a productive shoot, thanks largely to the professional team I worked with (well done Susannah, Jade, Melissa and Brendon). Certainly, the images will complement the shoot we did last time: (click here to see previous preview).

On the Shot List: Mouth-watering food, cycling the historic Rail Trail, autumn colours, a bit of “Country Chic”, some cosy cottage settings and children playing.

Next Stop: Fiji on a shoot for Westpac – then its off to Western Australia and South Africa for their respective tourism authorities.

PS:  In the meantime, a couple of foodie tips in case you’re heading that way: Keep an eye out for Steve and Maggie’s roll-your-eyes-in-delight, Jim Jam Chutney, and make sure you stop off and do the papers and a big breakfast at the Fez coffee shop, set inside the exotic antique emporium in Myrtleford (….who would have thought).



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