I’m just back to Port Vila after  a 10 day “adventure” shoot of Vanuatu’s Banks Islands in the country’s north.

I say adventure, because it ranged from laying in a bed of fire ants (my own stupid fault for not checking), trekking up volcanos, paddling across volcanic lakes in the driving rain, pounding through three metre swells in a banana boat and plunging a coral tooth deep into my foot (to which, I might add, I was gold star brave right up until Sarah went for the razor to cut it out).

Thankfully, it also included arriving here (below).


As you might imagine, I got fairly excited by the potential of the backdrop and returned two days later with talent and props in tow to take on Jimmy Nelson (he shot the same location a few years earlier) – alas to grey skies, howling winds and more driving rain (##$$@@!!).

Still, we managed to capture a few pics including this one (below) between the showers.

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I’ve got another shoot starting tomorrow at the luxury Havanna beach resort (from one extreme to the next) but I thought I’d quickly add these two pics before I head into town.

I’ll post a full preview of the shoot later…(probably about a year from now when I’ve recovered, he says)

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