As a professional travel and tourism photographer, it occurred to me a while back that I would have given anything (within reason, he rushes to add) to have known what I know now – 20 years ago. Oh, I lamented, the time I could have saved, the mistakes I may have avoided and the photographs I might have captured, if only I’d been given the opportunity to learn from the photographer I am today.

It was with this thought in mind, that I started gathering together my battered collection of moleskin notebooks in which I’ve scribbled many of the lessons I’ve learned about travel photography over the years to create a book which I thought might be helpful to the next generation of travel photographers. The book would use the best of the photographs I’ve been fortunate to capture over more than two decades to illustrate some of the most important lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Key to its success, I figured, was that it needed to be a book of concise, practical tips which were genuinely likely to fast-track a photographer’s prospects of capturing better photographs, regardless of their level of expertise and experience or the camera they were using. Combined, these pictures and lessons (gems of wisdom, I’d have myself believe) would reveal the approach, the techniques and the circumstances that have contributed to many of my most popular images (without being too technical, I should add).

As I wrote in the introduction, “This book has been created on the simple premise that anyone keen to improve their travel photography is likely to gain from the first-hand experience of a professional travel photographer who has risen to the top of his game and spent the past two decades enthusiastically studying his craft.”

The 200 page book is simply titled: Travel Photography – 100 Top Tips.

With luck, I’ll have finished it by the end of the year and it will be in book stores and available through Amazon in 2017.

Next: The brief and Shot List’s in. I leave on assignment to the Cook Islands tomorrow.

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