Yahoo, the tourism authority tracked down some local talent (Karin and Matt) for the last part of the shoot, who both look great and have arrived with a fun “can-do, just-point-us-in-the-right-direction attitude.”

Having spent the past week driving around Efate, I’ve worked out where some of the most photogenic locations are, and the right time of day to return, so it’s just a matter of dropping them into the settings (above) and encouraging them to enjoy themselves (below).

Yesterday it was The Blue Hole, a return to Rentapau Waterfall and a beachside Kava bar out at Pango Point (which accounts for why this is a late posting on my part). Today we’ll have a quick play on the harbour with paddle boards and kayaks, then head off to one of Efate’s best snorkelling sites on Lelepa Island.

It’s shaping up to be a particularly productive shoot. I’ll post a preview of the 30 best pics at the end of the assignment.

Photography Tip: My brief to “tourist talent” is that I’m likely to ask them to play to one of three different moods – Relaxed Contemplation (i.e. for when they are surrounded by a beautiful natural setting), Laughter and Fun (to create an  element of spontaneity so the pic doesn’t look posed), and Engagement  (between themselves or with the local culture). During the initial phase of our assignment, I generally direct to each of these moods and decide which they do best, then I guide the shoot around it. As you can see, Karin and Matt do the last two particularly well.

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