You would not believe the luck we had getting this shot.

The forecast was for storms, my drone decided to inexplicably cease transmission every five minutes and needed to be landed, an annual paddling race was to see the pristine lagoon we’d come to shoot overrun with bodies and vessels on the same day we were there, and this one morning was the only window we had to get the shot.

Stressful? Just a bit.

Yet, despite all of this, for just one near-perfect half hour, the Gods decided to smile on the assignment and we managed to get the shots we came for (above).

……I figure it was just reward for the trauma we all suffered getting there (I say “we” because, I’m sure that Maya, Tom and Daniel will never share a lagoon journey again with an impatient photographer who can’t shut up about the light, the weather and the glacial movement of the tiny vessel we were traveling on.

Photography Tip: In my opinion, Aitutaki Lagoon – and particularly the sand bars surrounding One Foot Island – is one of the most photogenic locations in the world. The white sand fringed with palm trees, that spectacular water colour and those curling white sand bars, make it special. But timing (and weather) is critical if you want to shoot an above average photograph.  While it’s an afternoon shot in terms of lighting the island, the morning produces a much crisper light and the likelihood of less wind and clearer water. Importantly, you need to plan for low tide if you want to see more of those spectacular sandbars in your shot.

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