I’m grateful to have a portfolio of images that instills enough confidence in Maui to lend me one of their motorhomes for a 10 day touring assignment I’ve just completed of Queensland’s Somerset Region (in fact, they gave me one of their four-berth Mercedes which proved to be ideal – particularly given the distances I’d be travelling and all the camera gear I intended to lug around).

So, off I set in my handsome prop, ready to drop it into the background – or in some instances, the foreground –  wherever I saw the opportunity to enhance the photograph (above and below).

While having the motorhome made sense in terms of shooting for the touring market which is one of the region’s primary audiences, it was also an advantage to be able to park it close to the places I’d been asked to shoot – particularly capturing the early morning or sunset light. Less driving, more time to scope out the location, the convenience of having all your gear with you, and the luxury of having a drop-down bed, a toilet and a kitchen on hand wherever you went. Plus there was the random photo opportunities that emerged as I drove around with the talent – all of which made for a more productive and appealing outcome.

Note: While I usually post a preview of some of the photographs captured at the end of the assignment, I’m waiting for my client to return from overseas in a couple of weeks before posting the selection of my top 30.

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