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What’s that saying? “Innovate or die.”

Given I have my own commercial photo library (, and that we’ve successfully built more than a dozen promotional photo libraries for our clients as an extension of my service as a tourism photographer, it makes sense to offer the template we’ve designed as a stand-alone product we can sell globally to tourism authorities or the tourism industry more widely. We think, for example, there’s a market for cruise operators, resort chains, and travel wholesale companies (and, of course, tourism authorities I haven’t worked with) – all of which may want a cost-effective solution to efficiently managing and distributing their photographs internationally.

Why would the photo libraries we build be popular, I hear you ask? Well, we’re a team of professional photographers, well-versed in photography and the digital world, and we’ve been improving and adding features to our on-line photo libraries for more than 10 years.

The template we’ve built has been customised to meet our client’s changing needs and it’s proven to be particularly well-suited to its purpose.  Now, with advances in technology and the internet, we can build them remotely, link them seamlessly to a home page anywhere in the world and hand ownership completely over to the client. The functionality is simple (training takes just half-an-hour on the phone or Skype), the design is classic so it won’t date, the features are advanced, and we have deliberately chosen a flexible platform so it can be updated as new needs arise.

And, because we’re a small company (and James loves what he does, right James), we can build the library at a particularly competitive price (certainly a lot cheaper than what I’m aware is being charged to build dated photo libraries elsewhere).

So, this week, we began promoting this new service, offering a discount as an incentive for regional tourism authorities to contact us before the end of the financial year.

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Next Assignment: The Solomon Islands for the biggest festival of Melanesian culture in the South Pacific. Yahoo.

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