I guess it was inevitable that, as a tourism photographer, I’d eventually get involved in making videos.

The amazing footage from my drone started pushing me there, then there was the technology that makes it all so accessible (a smart phone is all you need to gather footage) and, finally, the brewing expectation among my clients that I should also be able to do some video clips while I’m there to save them some money.

Next thing I know, I’ve bought myself a gimble to have a play with, I’m teaching my drone new tricks, and I’m looking at the footage and thinking this ain’t all that hard (that said, it’s the GM of my library who’s doing all the editing and wrestling with the new software; Me, I’m just pointing the equipment and having a peek over his shoulder when he’s ready).

But, you know what got me over the line and into videos? (as there was some serious resistance, recognising it was likely to steal from my still photography).

Three things: The first was the fact that we decided we’d only produce 60 second and 90 second promotional videos which wouldn’t take too much away from my still photography. The second was that we would cleverly incorporate my still photographs into the video to create a distinct, and unique, product that still carried my signature style as a tourism photographer. And finally, that it would add value to the service I provide my clients.

So the Moving Pictures  parcel was created to provide a series of 15 sec raw video clips which my clients can use themselves, and a 90 second promotional video – all neatly packaged into an optional video component they can add-on to my regular assignments.

Of course, it will mean more time and work will be needed on location ( as I’m learning, you need to shoot a lot to get a little), and there will be some serious creativity and production involved in the studio, but you’d think that, as far as my clients are concerned, there’d be some benefit (and savings) in having the same guy who’s shooting your still photographs, able to capture video footage as well, then work it all into an impressive promotional tool.

For your interest, here’s our “maiden voyage”  (below)  – a 90 second clip of a shoot I did for Blue Lagoon Cruises of the Yasawa Island in Fiji  last year.

It’s early days yet but the plan – now we’ve done a cruise video – is to produce a demo video of a destination, one for a resort and another for a tour operator to give our clients a bit of  an incentive to consider this new package.

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