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“All journey’s have secret

destinations of which the

traveller setting out

is unaware."


The Brief: Shoot for luxury, personality and nostalgia

(As well as food, rooms, public spaces, scenery, drone, fashion, staff and both Indian and Fijian cultures. All without talent).

Sometimes you get a brief which gives you a bit of latitude to be creative.

“ Yes, shoot stock images – but, at the same time, we’re looking for the shots that haven’t been done before that will bring “The Grand Old Lady of the South Pacific to life.”

So, inspired by the work of painter Henri Rousseau, some old black and white masters, and reference to a few fashion shoots, here’s some of the pics that resulted from seven days at The Grand Pacific Hotel, Fiji.

Filled with foliage – Inspired by 19th century painter, Henri Rouseau
The Vogue feel
A bygone era. Said the GM, “like the picture; not sure how we’ll use it though.”

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