I’m Selling-up and moving to the beach

For more than 12 years I’ve enjoyed creating a home in St Lucia (a Brisbane suburb a short distance from the city centre) but I miss living near the beach so it makes sense to sell now (while prices are outrageously high😉), and to re-settle before borders finally open and I’m able to head overseas again.

Resort Living five minutes from the city”, is how I’m pitching the sale. Hopefully, the photos reflect as much.

My agent offered to get a photographer in but I figured I’d have made his/her life a misery so I did it myself, supplying the 90 second promotional video (below), along with a handful of photographs (and, my god, what a steep learning-curve that was – the preference for white, stark, wide, empty photos was just about the death of me).

Anyway, the property goes onto the market in 10 days, heralding a new chapter. The plan is to rent an apartment on the Gold Coast for a year while the market settles, look around northern New South Wales for somewhere to call home, then to spend up to six months a year living overseas and writing a new series of travel books.


Click below to view the video.


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